Grants For Uk -Free Heating & Insulation Upgrades

Grants For Uk -Free Heating & Insulation Upgrades


The Green Homes Scheme has been ongoing since 2013 and it is very possible that over a million boilers + have now been exchanged at no cost to the applicant.

This scheme has been very popular with Joe public and most applicants have saved themselves over £2000 by replacing their old boilers for free.

Many thousands of applicants have now received a brand new boiler worth over £2000 from the FREE Warm Front Government Grants Scheme since it started in 2013

Many people would not have been able to afford to change their very old boilers so this fuel poverty grant has been a godsend for all those living on a low income.

Free Heating Grants are especially  targeted at households that have  old heating fitted such as old boilers, old electric heaters or never have had gas central heating in their home before .

If you qualify for a Free Heating Grant then the costs of removal, installation and aftercare for your new  heating will  be fully covered, and you will not pay anything


Who Qualifies For The Free Grants For Green Homes

Most people that are eligible for a grant usually meet one of these conditions:

✅ They Receive a Qualifying Benefit /  On A Low Income

✅ They Have Health conditions that affect Their Quality Of Life

✅ Their Home Is in epc Band  E – F – G


What Heating Grants Are Available?

  • Brand new central heating system worth over £3500
  • A New boiler worth £2500
  • New Storage Heaters Worth £2000+
  • Free Solar Panels worth over £6000


Which Benefits Qualify For A Grant ?

  • Child Benefit
  • Child & Working Tax Credit
  • Tax Credit
  • Employment & Support Allowance
  • Housing Benefit
  • Income Support
  • Job Seekers Allowance
  • Pension Credit
  • Universal Credit

How Do I Apply For A Grant For Green Homes



7  Top Reasons To Apply For A Green Homes Grant

There’s lots of free cash available from the Government in the way of grants that will help to increase to your home’s energy efficiency & pay your energy bills.

There are also other grants to help improve your standard of living too particularly if you are disabled or surviving on Low Income Benefits.

This blog will help you to apply for lots of home improvement grants too


1.There Is No Catch For Our Heating Grants– We Guarantee it !

You will either Qualify for a grant or  you wont.


2.If Your Application Is Accepted  Your Heating Grant Is 100% FREE

You will not be asked to repay it in the future too


3. You Will Reduce Your Energy Bills By Up To £300 Per Year

With rising energy prices year on year, you need to take action at keeping your energy bills to a minimum.


4. You Will Add Lots Of Value To Your Home!

New insulation & heating is a good selling point when you come to sell your home.

There are thousands of £ worth of free heating & insulation.


5 – You will improve your Home  EPC Rating

The Government is considering charging council tax based on how efficient their home is. A Efficient home  will enable you to cheaper council tax in the future.


6. All heating & Insulation upgrades usually come with a 5 Year Warranty

You will  not need to pay any expensive £20 -£30 a month warranty plans for your boiler or other heating upgrade.

Any plan in place prior to fitting your free heating can be cancelled saving you up to £300 per year.


7. You Will Enjoy a Better Standard Of Life

Most people report a greater enjoyment of their home after having home improvements to their heating and insulation.

Increased comfort levels in the winter will definitely help you through the winter months.




How Do Green Homes Grant Help Reduce Your Heating Bills?

Upgrading your heating for free will usually save you  a minimum of £20 per month off your heating bills.

Many applicants have reported savings in excess of this especially if the heating they were upgrading were over 20 years old.

This is more true for Electric storage heaters that are notorious for high bills.


When Did Green Homes Grant Start ?

Warm Front Grants were introduced by the UK government in 2009 to help make our homes more energy efficient and to reduce our heating bills.
The scheme is a government-backed initiative which has forced the Big Six  energy suppliers ( British Gas – Eon- EDF etc)   a to fund the install of energy efficiency measures, such as insulation and heating upgrades, and have been given yearly carbon targets to meet.Also they were designed  to reduce carbon emissions to meet the carbon zero target for 2050
They concentrated mainly on Heating & Insulation Upgrades and millions of homes benefited from this fantastic scheme over the last 10 years.


Are These Grants  Real

Yes. -I have worked in the grant industry for over 9 years and can confirm that Government Heating Grants are 100% real.

I have been responsible for many thousands of free boiler & storage heater upgrades over the years.

If you have old electric storage heaters, you can apply for the Storage Heater Replacement Grant which is a scheme that is very popular at the moment.


Any Green Homes Grants for Over 60s?

All the above grants are available to over 60s and pensioners subject to they being in receipt of Pension Credit Guaranteed or Savings Credit.

Most Oaps will be on a disability related benefit but these benefits are no longer eligible.

Pensioners on a very low income can also apply down the LAD route which is a scheme where benfits are not needed.

We recommend you apply and we will give your enquiry a free check.



Are There Green Homes Grants In Scotland?

Yes – Scotland and Wales are both included in the Eco Heating Grants Scheme and all heating measures above are available to residents in both countries.

We cover the whole of the UK for heating Grants so please make the application


What Green Homes Grants Are Available For Disabled People ?

Unfortunately, all disabled benefits have now been removed from the ECO Scheme and are no longer eligible.

Disabled people will now need to be on an income related benefit or apply via the LAD Scheme which does not need benefits but you still need to meet various criteria as set out by your local council.


Green Homes Grants – Non Benefits  Claimants

You could still qualify Under The Local Authority LAD / LA FLEX Scheme which is scheme where many local councils allow people not on benefits to qualify for grants.

Each council has their own criteria but usually your household income needs to be below £30000.    Check your councils statement of intent.


Do You Have To Pay Back the Green Homes Grants?

NO. Warm Front Grant Funding has been set aside by the Big Energy Companies and don’t need to be paid back.

If you are awarded a grant, you will not have to repay anything back in the future ,even if you move home.

They raise this money by a levy on all UK fuel bills so in effect are only giving you your money back!


Green Homes Grants Scheme – Why Should You Apply?

By insulating your home properly and upgrading your heating you can significantly reduce your heating bills as well as help to reduce global warming.

People who have applied for these measures in the past have all reported saving of over £300 per year in reduced bills.


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